Rose Type 3

This group is something of a catch-all covering all Roses which cannot be slotted into types 2 or 4. The obverse crowns – always double arched – can vary in shape and design , whilst the (double) rose emblem can also differ from one piece to another. BRIT and BRI are both used, and one issue reads HIBE. Privy marks known are – lis/none, none/lis, lis/lis, lis/cross patée, cross patée/lis, cross patée/none, lis/mullet, mullet/lis, and mullet/mullet. Various legend oddities occur such as inverted A for V, inverted V for A, over-struck letters, mis-spelled legends and misplaced punctuation. Apart from two very common issues – E.165a/P.305. lis/lis and E.172a/P.314. mullet/mullet,  all coins of this type range from rare to excessively rare.

Illustrated E.170b/P.-. pm=mullet/lis .Inverted V for A in FRAN.1636-7. (EXR) ef/gvf












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