Privy Mark Identification

Including large and small crescents, lis (large), lis (small), lis (demi), lis (3) plus the Harington ‘letter’ marks etc. around 80 symbols are found in the RFT series. Discounting the many straight-forward marks such as bell, triangle, star etc. still leaves us with 45 privy marks which because of their unfamiliar names and/or designs readers may need help in identifying.


Lombardic A   Annulet with pellet within  Book Castle (ex-tower) (reverse upright)  Cinquefoil
 Coronet  Crescent & Mullet  Cross (pellets in angles)  Cross Calvary  Cross Flory Fichée
 Cross Patée  Cross Patée Fitchée  Cross Patée Fourchée  Cross Patonce  Cross Patonce in Saltire
 Cross Saltire  Eagles Head  Ermine  Estoile  Fish Hook
 Fleece (or Slot)  Fusil  Goutte (ex. scroll  Halberd  Harp
 Horseshoe  Key, vertical (ex.Gauntlet)  Leaf  Lion Passant  Lion Rampant
 Martlet  Mascle with Pellet within  Millrind  Mullet  Nautilus
 Portcullis  Quatrefoil  Stirrup  Thistlehead  Tower (reverse rotated)
 Trefoil  Tun  Turtle (ex.    Grapes)  Woolpack  Harington ‘Fret’